WESTWORD Review: American Girls Dances With the Challenges of Teenagers    9/16/2015
Director Angela Astle has staged a finely tuned, expressive production. The set, by Justin Lane, is both eloquent and elegant; El Armstrong’s videos are first-rate, particularly the Oprah-style talk show he introduces satirically with soft-focus, flowing, Hallmark Card-style images. But a production lives or dies by the acting, and the acting here is very good. There’s Paige Larson — seen only on screen — as an unctuously hypocritical talk-show host.
Review: American Girls...It just may make you a better parent.    9/8/2015
If you’re a parent with preteen or teenaged girls, you’re probably familiar with American Girl.  The dolls, not the play.  American Girl dolls are ethnically diverse toys that represent girls in American history and today.  Hilary Bettis’ American Girls morality play also presents us with contemporary teenage girls, but in a much darker way.  For Bettis, the values we teach our children are not always the values they learn....
Review: 'American Girls' at The Edge Theater through Sept. 27    9/9/2015
Hillary Bettis’s frank, courageous, powerful and occasionally overwrought drama American Girls hearkens back to the thrilling, dangerous world of fourteen-year-old girls, with all its giggly goofiness, impossible longings, secrecy, awakening sexuality and extreme emotions. The Edge Theater Company’s unflinchingly honest regional premiere production offers phenomenal performances, food for thought, and an invitation to enhanced maturity....

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