Review: In Edge Theater "I'll Eat You Last," Emma Messenger is arch and hilarious    7/21/2016
Emma Messenger is suitably hilarious, profane, sadistic and arch as Sue Mengers, the ferocious Hollywood super-agent, reflecting on past conquests and serving up life lessons....
Review: Edge Theater Serves Up a Tasty Show With I'll Eat You Last    7/19/2016
You know you’re in for a terrific evening when a wonderfully smart and entertaining script like this is brought to life by the peerless Emma Messenger: You feel a constant vibrating tension between Mengers’s brittle theatricality and the depth that Messenger simply can’t help projecting. When she’s on stage, you want to know what she’s thinking; when she speaks, you lean in to listen for subtext. As Mengers, she’s sensual, wicked and funny as hell — and if her heart sometimes breaks a little, don’t even think of taking advantage. This woman doesn’t give an inch.


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