Review: By the Waters of Babylon Is a Moving Experience at Edge    6/21/2016
You know from the start that the garden in By the Waters of Babylon, now at the Edge Theater, has to be symbolic. It’s overgrown with weeds that hide things both precious and troublesome: a battered old doll, an overgrown bench; also mint, wild roses and honeysuckle. Catherine worries about snakes and spiders. You assume that Arturo will swiftly clear these weeds away, and he does. You also assume immediately that Catherine and Arturo will end up in bed together, and of course they do.

"By the Waters of Babylon" at the Edge Theater    6/13/2016
In the Edge Theater production directed by Warren Sherrill, the characters are vividly played, although some of the plot’s abrupt shifts are a challenge. The admirable indoor/outdoor set design by Justin Lane draws us into the upscale suburban world, where the neighbors reportedly shun Catherine. Much of the busiest, most profound action takes place in our imaginations as the characters reveal their stories....

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