Award winning: The Edge Theater hosts 4th annual Edgy Awards    12/16/2014
The Edge Theater has a created a vibrant and dynamic family in just a few short years, and nearly all the family members were on hand for the fourth annual Edgy Awards on Dec. 15.

“This is our chance to say thank you to everyone that contributed to our season,” said Rick Yaconis......
Adeste fideles for this materfamilias    12/18/2014
Once in a while you meet someone, and almost instantly you just want to kick their teeth in. Of course, sometimes it goes the other way, too, and you know moments after the first handshake that you’ve made a friend for life.

The Familiars is the first Edge Theatre production I’ve seen. I don’t want to overstate anything, so let’s say...

Denver theater companies confronted some of life's toughest questions    12/21/2014
Colorado saw some remarkable theater productions this year. Many tackled dauntingly difficult subjects that left me wobbly and worried when I got up from my seat — but also hopeful that these plays will provoke the sort of conversations that may make the world a better place....
The Familiars Brings a Dysfunctional Family Home for the Holidays    12/17/2014
Serious about working with local playwrights, the Edge Theatre Company commissioned a holiday show from Ellen K. Graham, whose enigmatic, razor-sharp How We May Know Him won a Best of Denver award some years back, and who has since earned national recognition. The result is The Familiars, which is softer-edged and more conventional than How We May Know Him but carries some seasonal gifts of its own. The play deals with two familiar holiday themes: the impossibly dysfunctional family whose members come together only on holidays and always with tension and strife, and the perennial idea of a seasonal, heart-opening transformation....
Spiky and tender, "The Familiars" at Edge    12/13/2014
3 Stars (out of four) | Holiday Dysfunction
During his introduction to the world premiere of the holiday yarn "The Familiars," Rick Yaconis, artistic director of the Edge Theater, ran through the titles of some of the season's usual suspects.
When he came to "A Christmas Carol," someone in the audience let out a "boo." Somehow, I don't think they were giving a shout-out to the ghosts of Xmas past, present, and to come
Too bad. The Denver Center's version of Charles Dickens' tale remains an edifying, possibly perfect holiday tale of hubris and redemption....
2014 True West Award: Rick Yaconis    12/15/2014
Over the years, I have enjoyed a playful repartee with genial tough guy Rick Yaconis, who's from Pittsburgh, though you'd swear he walked straight outta Jersey. Bada bing. Yaconis took over the E-Project Theatre in 2010 and renamed it The Edge with the stated objective of lifting it out from the overcrowded pack of small, similar neighborhood troupes in the Denver area. And I have chided and cajoled, championed and chastised him every encouraging step of his way. ...

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