Review: Buried Child Still Packs a Creepy Wallop    10/29/2014
Sam Shepard's Buried Child which won a Pulitzer in 1979, still carries a creepy wallop. The story of a violently dysfunctional family -- a drunken, abusive father who has destroyed his sons and is now being destroyed in return -- it was hailed as a depiction of the dark side of the American Dream. But while some of the themes are universal, this family is unique....
The scariest theater shows for Halloween in Denver    10/29/2014
Halloween is the best time of year to find new forms of entertainment. From haunted houses to corn mazes, all the local spots get in on the spooky action and pull out all the stops to terrify you. Even your local theater companies dig out the classic Halloween-fare to find new ways to frighten, and you may be surprised at just how spooky a live theatrical show can be. Here are a few terrifying treats to spark the spook this Halloween....
Buried Child - Review by Marlowe's Musings    10/21/2014
In 1979 Sam Shepard received the Pulitzer Prize for “Buried Child,” his play about the obliteration of the American Dream. Shepard’s play, set in a “realistic” farm house in Illinois, holds the detached remnants of what may have once been a real American family with real American values. There are strokes of surrealism and of symbolism imbedded in Shepard’s script, which on a first glance may seem disconnected. However… they are not.

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